Ready to tell me more about your brand and the big dreams you have for it?

Hello! I'm Claire Forrest: a full time filmmaker and photographer based out of Missouri. I love traveling and all things that take me outside with my camera!

If you're here, odds are you love what you do. You just need the right people to see your work so they can love it too. I can help with that!


While studying painting and sketching for my fine art degree, I ultimately fell in love with photography. I saved up for my first canon DSLR camera when I was fifteen years old... and I feel like I just never stopped playing with it!

I have been running a successful wedding business for nearly eight years, while helping other creatives build their business along the way.

I have a double Bachelor’s degree from Saint Louis University in Fine Art and English, and might be a bit of a workaholic-- but that's only because I love what I do!


Exquisite, light-filled, authentic imagery and color are what bring me joy. I hope that translates in my work. 
I'm a family person who loves hard work and knows just how crazy you have to be to run a small business today!